Fregon Anangu School

Department for Education


Enrolment is presently 45 but can vary. All children are English as Second Language learners.

Five Anangu Education Workers (AEW's) and a Anangu Coordinator work along the Principal, 3 classroom teachers, 4 SSO’s and the Preschool Director  to support learning and behaviour management. AEW's also advise teachers on cultural and language issues as all teaching is in English.

  • The Child Parent Centre is made up  to 9 children aged 3 to 5 years of age. Lots of parents and guardians  take advantage of the outstanding facilities at the family centre to help prepare their infants for preschool. The AEW’s at the Fregon Family Centre are trained in the ‘Families are First Teachers’ program.
  • The Junior Primary Class, caters for reception, year 1 and year 2 students.
  • The Primary Class caters for students in year 2 through to year 6.
  • The Secondary Class caters for students in year 7 through  to year 12
The school boasts a well equipped canteen, home economics room, library, computer laboratory and accommodation unit which can sleep 3 visitors. Fregon regularly hosts subject specialists in the areas of Maths, Music and Art. Secondary students have the opportunity to attend a Trade Training Facility 30 minutes away.

The children are taught the Australia Curriculum through the integrated APY Lands Units. This is unique to our schools so that children are working on the same topic where ever they attend.