Fregon Anangu School

Department for Education

The Community

Fregon (Kaltjiti) community is situated in the far northwest corner of South Australia in the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands; it is approximately 1300kms from Adelaide by road.

Fregon Anangu School is part of the Kaltjiti community, and associated with Irintata and Watinuma Homelands. It is situated between the Everard and Musgrave Ranges and has a population of approximately 250 Anangu and about 30 non-Anangu who reside in town or on the associated homelands. Pitjantjatjara is the first language of Anangu, English is their second language.

Pitjantjatjara people traditionally occupied an area of range and sandhill country in the far north-west of South Australia and neighbouring areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. They had close cultural ties with their neighbours, the Yankunytjatjara to the east and the Ngaatjatjara to the west.

People envisage themselves as related to the land and other species, and each group has special rights and obligations in relation to the land, stories, rituals and resources of their region.

The community sees the school as a bridge between Anangu and non-Anangu culture with a very important role in empowering young Anangu with the 'skills for determination' through literacy development. Anangu are involved in school decision making through the school and community councils.